- Tranquil Rural Surroundings The Farm

Just outside the main gates and 40 metres to your right you will find our very own petting farm. In Summer at 9:30 am every morning, the kids club make their way down to the petting farm to feed, brush and look after a selection of animals at the Ferme Du Cayla. Each Cottage has a metal bucket for the children to fill after breakfast so they can give their animals a little treat in the morning!

The Farm Safety is Key

We have created a very safe area where children can go to – under supervision - in the farm to learn about the animals. They love the attention from our guests and come running to the wooden pen when they hear voices coming towards them...

The Farm Care for the animals

We have some animals that stay the whole year with us and others that come only for the warmer months. As the farm is positioned on the North side of the valley, it is better for them to move to a warmer area for the winter and return to us in April.

Lapino Small Black Goat
Marc Mini White Goat
Barbie Big White Sheep
Dino Mini White and Brown Goat
Geronimo Large Duck
Jean-Claude Rabbit