Look after yourself...Activities for Parents

Here at La Ferme Du Cayla, we take great care to provide a host of possible activities for children -but hey – parents are people too!

So, of course a summer holiday is for the whole family, but when the younger ones are busy, what can you do? Well – nothing – is the choice many will make. A book, swimming pool and a comfortable sun lounger is enough for some, but what if a bit of exercise is required? For body and mind.

Activities for Parents Yoga classes

Well, during the summer months we have Yoga lessons every Monday, Wednesday and Friday which take place at either the natural surroundings of the lake or next to the indoor pool with the covering lifted so that your view of the Cele Valley is unspoilt.

The Yoga classes last for approximately 1 hour and start you off on the right foot for the day ahead.

Activities for Parents Spa centre

Our newly constructed indoor Spa centre just for adults offers you the opportunity to relax. The center offers an indoor heated pool, a sauna, a steam room, massage rooms and outside jacuzzi.

Massages with our on-site masseuse is pre-programmed for you prior to your arrival and you will be advised of timing at check-in. The choice of the type of massage is up to you – we offer four different massages from deep tissue through to Californian.

We also offer other treatments- from facial massages through to waxing and pedicures.

Activities for Parents Well-being activities

Through the week we offer other well-being activities for you such as meditation hours, Pilates classes and the opportunity to ramble through the French countryside either on foot or on a VTT bike.

If you have a sensitive ‘palate’ then the mid-week wine tasting is for you. Try red, rose and white from Cahors and the Languedoc region. We sell all our wines in cases of six so if you would like to take some back with you in the car, please let us know.

We provide a babysitting service in the evening, so if you feel like a quiet, romantic dinner without the children, please ask.