Fun, Education & ArtActivities for Kids

A very important area at La Ferme Du Cayla is the Creche/Nursery and Kids Club. Here at the farm we have structured games, activities and opening hours to allow the whole family time to enjoy what interests them.

Activities for Kids Crèche / Nursery & Kids Club

Our Creche/Nursery and Kids club is open every day through the summer months from 9am – 12pm and then from 2pm – 4pm. This gives parents some time to themselves but also provides time during the day for them to spend time with their children.

All our staff within the club are bilingual and also have a BAFA diploma which is a pre-requisite in France for adults working with children.

In accordance to French Law we are required to have :

  • 1 child minder for 4 infants under 3 years of age
  • 1 child minder for 8 children between the ages of 4 and 12 years of age

Activities for Kids Crèche / Nursery (6 Months – 3 Years)

The new Creche / Nursery is located just next door to the much larger kids club in the centre of the farm.

The Creche/ Nursery has changing mats, large bright stimulating toys and a separate sleeping zone. Activities vary depending on age, but the activities are structured around colour, music, touch and even sometimes smell.

There is a private garden at the front of the Creche/Nursery which is fenced off from the rest of the domain so your little ones will be safe during all activities.

The Creche/Nursery is not obligatory of course – drop them off or pick them up as you wish – and if there is any problem please be aware you can be easily contacted if necessary.

Activities for Kids The Kids Club (4 years – 12 Years)

The activities differ from week to week depending on the ages of the group. The mornings are the coolest period of the day in the Summer months so most of the activities are based outdoors.
At 9:15am its time to go and feed, brush the animals – the sheep, ducks, goats, chickens and rabbits love to welcome the children each morning.
Days are themed and activities arranged accordingly. Some examples of this are:

  • Sunday – Farm Day
  • Monday – Beach
  • Cheeky Thursdays
  • Sports day Friday

Activities can change from year to year. We welcome feedback from previous guests which helps us plan.

Activities for Kids The Kids Club (4 years – 12 Years)

After Lunch the activities tend to be more geared towards music, cooking and kiddies yoga! They get the chance to play musical instruments, make cookies, bread and smoothies and also have ‘calm time’ to listen to stories in both French and English.
Language in the Kids club is important, but it is lovely to see children from different countries play together. Language is no barrier to them!

The club has numerous indoor games, an indoor climbing frame, sleeping zone and two toilets – one of them for the little ones!!

Rest assured that your children will be in the most relaxed, fun orientated environment all the time that they are in the Creche / Nursey or Kids club.

Activities for Kids The Kids Club (4 years – 12 Years)

Add to all that the grounds offering Mini-golf, Trampoline, Zip-Line, Table Tennis, Tree House, Slides, Swings, Badminton, Petanque. Lots to do; lots of areas to explore.

Three times a week we have a little cinema night for the children, sometimes in French and sometimes in English. As it’s a stone’s throw from the restaurant, have a meal ‘a deux’ while the children watch a film a mere 30 metres away!